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This page is meant to bring home to you our conception of pieces of furniture made to anticipate your every gesture, according to your habits,to make life simpler for you. Everything is planned to be practical, compact andat hand for your convenience !

We start with a compact kitchen fitted with working-surface, kitchen sink and hotplates.

The furniture stands at 6,56ft. There are three movable or fixed units for saucepans, with the possibility of a drawer if desired. The working-surface is 2,62ft high, but can be adjusted if needed.

A Plus :

Mobile units are fitted with handles that enable you to move your furniture at will. A micro-wave oven can be insertedinside the essential basic case, which is 1m50 high x 60 cm wide(4.92ft x 1.96ft).

A second unit of the same height, but 60cm or 40cm wide (1.96ft x 1.31ft), will be ideal for bottles and groceries. An additional third unit made to insert a fridge/freezer, stands at 1,50m high and 60 cm wide (4.92ft x 1.96ft). These three units can be moved ad libdepending on your space. 

For example, it’s possible to position the furniture in an L shape, at an angle, or in a parallel shape.We’ve also thought of an ‘island’ kitchen.

Your kitchen will be entirely the product of your fancy !


Let us begin with the basic furniture unit.

Beneath the working-surface, thisbasic unit can be fitted with mobile parts measuring146cm or 200cm in length (4.79ft x 6.56ft), 65cm (2.13ft) in depth and 80cm (2.62ft) in height.

The working-surface enables you to include a thirdpiece although it is also possible to have it with just two mobile pieces.

These pieces come together with :

  • Eithertwo cases fitted at each end of the working-surface, both comprising a drawer and a saucepan drawer. This can bemodified to suit your needs.
  • Or two mobile cases, fitted with a similar equipment, so they comply with the aesthetics of the kitchen, the drawers being accessible without incurring strains !

To open the drawers, there is a ‘push-pull’ position (by pushing on the drawer, it opens automatically).  To close, they will close softly automatically.

Wrong position( A )

Our position made for comfort( B )

The working-surface is equipped with a sink and hotplates, gas or electric.



Whichever you choose, you will have easy access to your working-surface to do your cooking preparations.


The other basic piece is at room angle. It is 210cm x 210cm in height (6.88ft x 6.88ft), 65 cm in depth (2.13ft) and 80 cm (2.62ft) in height.


 Finally, the island-shaped furniture: 130cm x 130cm (4.26ft x 4.26ft). Fitted with a sink and a small hotplate.


 There are three fixed columns which can be bought separately.

  • A cupboard, 150 cm x 40 cm (4.92ft x 1.31ft) or 60 cm (1.96ft) wide, together with a special grid for storage, bottles and other consumers’ goods. Another cupboard comes with drawers: the door opens at 165 degrees
  • This is known as ‘the English style’ with the same type of opening.
  • Another cupboard of a similar height but wider (60 cm) (1.96ft) for a traditional oven and a micro-wave oven.
  • The third is ideal for a fridge/freezer.

Depending on the amount of room, you can enjoy several mobile units and even accommodate them with us according to your taste.

You will now have an ‘evolutive’ kitchen which can be modified and arranged to suit your needs and purse.

Please find attached a grid with a logo indicating doors, electric cables, sockets, and pipe drainage. See Create your own project !

As we suggested, the imagination is yours !


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