Our reason for this project is to help you simplify your life, to give you back your independence and above all to allow you to live like everyone else, to rely on your own - and be free !

Our ambition is to make you autonomouse !

A Wake up Call, …and the beginning of an idea!

I was once invited by a handicapped person to see how she’d managed to set up her kitchen:

To my amazement, it was made with palettes, planks, crates and other similar things piled on top of each other: ‘For lack of something better’, the person said, adding ‘There are a good many of us doing this!

’That’s how I started thinking how furniture could be made to suit people with special needs. I had trained as an architect and interior designer, and this experience made me want to look through the eyes of a handicapped person to see how kitchen furniture could be purposely-built: my goal is to give people with disabilities and limited financial resources, access to a kitchen that is user-friendly and practical.

In effect, where else do we actually spend a lot of time in our homes, if not in our kitchens?

Behind this project lie five fruitful years of research, of which I am the sole financer. In due course, it was recognised and patented. And I am proud of making pre-built mobile kitchen units, which can easily be moved around, to make a simple, self-contained kitchen, of good quality, which is supposed to be practical, low cost, and specifically built for people with special needs and the elderly.

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